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Most Popular Articles

Article Transferring Files in Smart FTP
To transfer files to your site using Smart FTP, first you need to open the application and then follow this guide. 1. Connect to the site you wish...
Views: 2036
Article Cannot connect to www.yourDomain.com using fsockopen, please make sure www.yourDomain.com resolve to the server correctly and outgoing TCP port 80 is opened
Mak sure your domain name has not expired. Make sure http://www.yourdomain.com resolves to the server you are using. You can test it easily by...
Views: 1977
Article RVSitebuilder project was removed and I do not have a back up file. How to get it back from the published web site?
If you already have a RVSiteBuilder backup project file created on the RVSiteBuilder, you simple restore it on RVSiteBuilder interface. This...
Views: 1314
Article Is it possible to add an intro page?
It is not supported but you can achieve it by creating the intro page yourself and create .htaccess on your server and add this line on it....
Views: 1032
Article How can I create my own template?
Download this document at http://www.rvsitebuilder.com/templateSpecification.pdf for full specifications on how to create your own...
Views: 1032

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